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Building Material
Book / Journal | 166 pages

Architectural Association of Ireland


Design and print production of Building Material, a 166 page journal of topical writing for the Architectural Association of Ireland.

Building Material 19 ‘Art and Architecture’, edited by architect Stephen Mulhall, features essays, interviews and visual material by thirty two contributors exploring the relationship between artistic and architectural practice - including writing by Grace Weir, Dara McGrath, Matthew Beattie and Eamon O'Kane; works by Corban Walker, Maud Cotter and Clancy Moore Architects; and interviews with Thomas Demand and Moritz Küng.

The publication has a coherent design overview, but with inherent grid flexibility to accommodate its content diversity. Each article is treated distinctly, with image layout and typography treated rigidly and/or playfully to marry with and reference its content. The resulting book is richly varied, and can be read as a single volume, article by article or scanned for its impactful visual content.


Editor – Stephen Mulhall

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