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Printed poster and social media adverts announcing the twenty-fifth annual conference of ADEFFI (Association of French and Francophone Studies in Ireland).

The organisers’ brief was to reflect the conference them ‘Jeux’ (games/play), with suggestions from their call for papers acting as a guide:

Poetics of the game | Literary games | Games and intrigues | Playfulness and seriousness | Space games | Dramatic play | Word games | The style of play | Representations of the game | First-person games | Board games | Gaming society | Gaming as a genre in the Middle Ages | Gambling games | Mystery novels as games | The game of/in translation | Ludotherapy | Struggle issues | Games in teaching.

The creation of the poster’s visual form, intended to be as open to interpretation as the client brief, was itself treated as an exercise in play:

Conference title and event information were first typeset in a connected grid-like pattern. This structure was then visually distorted and manipulated, with several iterations made until a pleasing, harmonious outcome was reached. The resulting typographic ‘scape’ reflects interrelation between the many conference speakers, playfully visualising their diverse approaches and connections to a common theme.

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