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Immersive Data Installation


Our digital devices regularly share information with government agencies and third party companies for both unsolicited/covert surveillance and commercial purposes.

Veillance creates a typographic scape in real-time from information generated by its audience’s internet browsing on digital devices. Data is intercepted and reconfigured, creating an immersive audio-visual experience intended to raise awareness about covert data surveillance conversations with which we are unknowingly engaged through our day-to-day internet browsing and device use.

The work was developed with a team of academics, creative practitioners and programmers led by Ronan Devlin during his tenure as designer-in-residence at Pontio Innovation, Bangor University, Wales. A prototype version of Veillance was shown at Fact Liverpool’s Build Your Own interactive workshop exhibition and the full installation was presented air White Box, Pontio Innovation, Bangor University, Wales.

Veillance was commissioned by digital cultural content initiative The Space (founded by BBC & Arts Council of England) as winner of their second Open Call, and also funded by Arts Council of Wales.


White Box, Pontio, Bangor University, 2016
Build Your Own, FACT, Liverpool (prototype), 2015


Artist – Ronan Devlin
Developer (front end) – Michael Flückiger
Developer (back end) – Carwyn Edwards
Sound – Ant Dickinson
Academics – Vian Bakir, Gillian Jein & Andy McStay
Audio Visual – War Pro

Commissioned by The Space
Supported by Arts Council of Wales, Pontio Innovation

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