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The School of Art, Science & Technical Classes
Oriel Mostyn, Wales


The School of Art, Science & Technical Classes is a group exhibition themed on gallery MOSTYN’s former purpose as an educational establishment & gallery from 1903 to 1912. 100 years later, Visual Arts Programme Curator Adam Carr, curates solo exhibitions by Camille Henrot, FORT and Meirion Ginsberg, accompanied by a room that links past to present under the umbrella of a new ‘School’ concept.

Visual identity, environmental graphics, signs and adverts are drawn from the exhibition’s scholastic theme. Typographic style was drawn from early 1900s book design and a series of descriptive symbols used to illustrate and identify distinct aspects of the exhibition were based on archival records of heraldic crests associated with education institutions.

Client – MOSTYN
Curator – Adam Carr
Photography – Dewi Lloyd

Selected Projects

JeuxPrint | Digital

AnomalyArtwork | Digital | Environmental

The Civil Arts InquiryBranding | Editorial | Environmental | Print

Building MaterialEditorial | Print

MagsäckskvarnArtwork | Digital | Environmental

EnergiesBranding | Editorial | Environmental | Print

777Branding | Digital | Environmental | Print | Motion

In FlowArtwork | Digital | Environmental

Limerick City Gallery of ArtBranding | Environmental | Print

Mostyn Open 20Branding | Environmental | Print

LoomArtwork | Digital | Environmental

Collecting for IrelandEditorial | Print

Ligne 16Print | Digital

Mostyn Open 19Branding | Environmental | Print

LunaBranding | Environmental | Print

VeillanceArtwork | Digital | Environmental

Patrick JosephBranding | Print

The SeaEditorial | Print

(T)hereArtwork | Digital | Environmental

The Artist’s EyeEditorial | Print

OscilloscopePrint | Digital

CommunismEditorial | Print

Upholster LondonBranding | Digital | Print

Amy AustinBranding | Digital | Environmental | Print

Durer and the GallowglassEditorial | Print

ParlourBranding | Environmental | Print

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